Your Guide in Getting The Best Car Rental Deal in Australia

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Car Rental Insurance

Car Rental Insurance

When it comes to car rental insurance, you have plenty of options to choose from. These type of insurance are offered by various institutions to the benefit of the users. Understanding the benefits of these insurance will help you to evaluate its value and purpose. Some car rental insurance are optional, it means the decision will be up to you whether you take it or leave it.

But the good thing about having everything covered is that it minimizes the cost of repairs when having an accident using a rented car. If you have an existing car insurance, better check with your insurance agent if you have enough coverage. You can check it with your credit card company as well.

Which is better?

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

If you have an existing car insurance the coverage will also apply to rental cars. In Australia when you purchased an insurance with collision coverage, all damage you caused to any car you drive including the rented car will be covered. But there are auto insurance policies that consider collision coverage as "excess" and is subject to your deductible.

The car insurance will cover any damages caused to any car you drive including, fire, vandalism, theft and animal collision. If it was you who caused an accident, your liability insurance will cover all the damages including medical expenses.

Your Credit Card

There is a good number of credit card companies that offers rental car insurance for free but you need to charge the rental cost to your credit card, if its not for free they will offer it for a reasonable price. But it is always good to ask your credit card company to email you the details of the insurance coverage to avoid any misunderstandings that may occur during your claim.

Rental Car Company's Insurance

Rental car companies offer various types of insurance and waivers to the benefit of their customers. Some of these insurance and waivers include Collision Damage Waivers (CDW) and Loss damage waivers (LDW). These waivers are included in your deductibles, however the coverage can be void if the accident was caused by your reckless driving. These waivers are not considered as insurance products because they're not issued by the insurance companies.

A rental car company can also offer, accidental death and personal property insurance. | Resources | Add Links | Privacy | Disclaimer | Last Updated: 06 Dec 2012